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Monday October 16th

The Alma Vale Tavern
Alma Vale Rd. Clifton, Bristol.

'Still Doing It!'
8pm, price t.b.c.

Part of the Bristol Poetry Festival.

Second outing for the collaboration between Mike Scott and David Johnson, gamely holding back the advancing years with a wry look at the prospects. If the stadium tour doesn't materialise, at least we can fall back on the pensions.


Saturday November 11th,
Litton Village Hall, BA3 4PW
time/price etc. t.b.c.

One of Keith Beeton's occasional music nights, always lively and involving a troupe of regulars on the Somerset folk scene. Used to be a four hour job in the early days, much more digestible now.



Monday December 18th

The Nova Scotia Folk Club.
The Nova Scotia, Cumberland Basin Bristol

8pm, Coupla Quid, (Three or four I think).

Of all the clubs currently operating, this is the one I have visited most often, and former organiser Mike Dibble was brave enough to give me my second ever booking, when I was really awful.


Friday December 22nd

Keevil Parish Church, Keevil, North Wiltshire

7pm, donations.

Bit of a fund raiser for a well supported village institution, most of them have seen me before, but I'm not sure the Vicar has, bless 'im. Lots of choirs and Christmassy stuff, maybe the odd nibble or two, probably no booze.